Friday, January 9, 2009

Popular Culture

Today is my last post from The Ishbane Conspiracy letters. The sections posted today are just a few random excerpts that I still wanted to include. I hope you enjoyed reading them, and I hope they helped in some way to allow you to see the little ways that Satan works in our lives to try to put wedges between us and our Saviour, and our living for Him.

To Prince Ishbane, From Lord Foulgrin:

Isn’t is amusing how educated men deny fundamental realities uneducated men intuitively recognize? The vermin think of us as they do monsters under the bed, ghosts in the closet, or bogeymen in the basement. As they grow out of believing in them, they grow out of believing in us. It never dawns on them that we are the realities behind those fantasies; we are invisible beings who are, in fact, out to get them. Parents make our job much easier when, instead of teaching their children to resist us, they teach them we don’t exist.

To Foulgrin, From Prince Ishbane:

One of our greatest allies is the flippancy of popular culture. All the jokes about drunkenness, drugs, and immorality serve us well. Even the most grave moral issues are fodder for the Leno and Letterman types. Though humour goes against our grain, many demons now make careers of joke writing. And why not? What could be better than getting the vermin to laugh at what appals the Enemy? To scorn what He holds dear? We don’t even have to persuade them to engage in these things. Laughter’s a form of approval.
Nothing serves the Enemy better than joyful laughter among close friends. Nothing serves us better than cynical laughter that mocks what’s precious to the Enemy.
Fotrunately, we’ve persuaded most [people] that hell is where there’s laughter. And heaven’s the eternal gray, the desolate home of the pout-faced dirge. They know no better…

To Prince Ishbane, From Lord Foulgrin:

I keep them from praying. When they insist, I try to limit it to a particular posture at a particular time. [They] don’t understand prayer isn’t preparation for battle, it is the battle. I don’t fear prayerless study, work, preaching, or parenting. The forbidden talk infuses them with the Enemy’s presence and power. I eliminate it when I can, and minimize it when I can’t.

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