Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Never Fulfilled

To Foulgrin, From Prince Ishbane:

We surround young girl with images of the perfect body, so they spend their lives in pursuit of thinness. There’s no way your Jillian could ever measure up – she lives in the real world. Each of those posed pictures she looks at is the best among hundreds. The perfect angle, carefully retouched. The models are slaves, starving themselves to get the edge. They’re airbrushed, surgically altered fantasy props. Each will dry up like last month’s flowers, withering into depression and self-destruction.
Every women’s magazine screams the message that only thin is attractive. And usually the adjoining page is a close-up of a dessert the women in the pictures can’t eat unless they later induce vomiting.
It’s not just the male minds we’ve programmed with images of sleek yet voluptuous young females. The females have fallen for it too. They think that’s how they’re supposed to look and act. That’s how they’re to attract males. The modesty and self-restraint of young women once kept male lusts from taking control. But now we mentor the girls into promiscuity right along with the boys.

… If we cannot deface the Enemy directly, we can cause His image bearers to either despise or worship their own bodies. What better way to spread graffiti on the Enemy’s portraits?

To Foulgrin, From Prince Ishbane:

What do these young Millennials value and long for? They’re disenchanted with the emptiness around them. They’re tired of having no purpose. No vision. Nothing to live for. Their frustration and boredom can be brick walls to the Enemy and the forbidden fellowship. Or they can be open doors to them.
Whether it’s food, housing, sex, money or religion, those who live to have every short-term longing fulfilled are fools. They lose their grasp of greater longings. They become impatient with any desire that can’t be fulfilled today, here and now.
Through the flippancy of popular culture, we’ve robbed them of the moral imagination so useful to the Enemy. This imagination was once stimulated by the arts, music, and greater literature. And the forbidden book itself. It was used incessantly by the Enemy to draw their thoughts to unseen realities. But we have extinguished those longings – or at least buried them deep – under the flood of short-term satisfactions.
That’s why hell’s marketing schemes are so effective. Nothing’s better than the commercial that convinces them they need what they don’t. Or that they want what we want them to want. Or they must have it immediately. Not in the Enemy’s form, nor in His time, but ours. We’ve replaced imagination with fantasy, joy with pleasure. We fill rooms with empty-souled, vacant-eyed vermin telling sleazy jokes and mocking the Enemy’s ways and laughing as though their hearts were full of joy. In fact, they’re full of cynicism and hopelessness. Their misdirected longings will never be fulfilled.

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