Saturday, January 3, 2009


The sections from specific letters I wanted to share today deal with the topic of friendship. These excerpts highlight some truths that are very evident, especially in teens, as they face the pressures of today’s world.

To Foulgrin, From Prince Ishbane:

It looks as though Brittany will prove your greatest asset in taking down Jillian. She’s materialistic and cynical? She tugs Jillian away from spiritual interests? Stretches her moral comfort zones? Keeps her from developing deeper friendships at the church? Perfect. She’s a page right out of hell’s playbook.
Brittany’s convinced the church is a hangout for hypocrites and losers? If there’s one thing these teenage sludgebags don’t want to be, it’s losers. Cool is everything.
Implement our usual strategy with Jillian. Make her think that because she’s doing her good Christian deeds, she’s pulling Brittany up. Of course, her friend is actually pulling her down…

…Being a friend these days means not saying anything that makes someone feel bad. In the interests of “not judging” and “loving” each other, they aid and abet each other’s self-destruction. Our semantics department has brilliantly twisted the word friend. The Enemy defines a friend as one who acts in another’s best interests. This includes warning him to stay away from danger. And encouraging him to choose the path that brings safety. Our definition of friend is one who gives moral support by saying yes – even when someone’s walking toward the edge of a cliff…

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