Wednesday, January 7, 2009


To Prince Ishbane, From Lord Foulgrin:

We’ve established a tremendous edge with this generation, even in the churches. Unprecedented numbers of young people are dabbling in the occult. Yet the forbidden fellowships usually do nothing to keep them from us. They think the movies kids watch, the books they read, the symbols they wear, the music they listen to is just a generational thing, the equivalent of bell-bottom pants, long sideburns or Air Jordans. Merely a passing phase. Prey upon this ignorance.
How many people have we sucks into Ouija boards, tarot cards, palm readings and astrology simply because no one told them how we use these to seduce them? This generation of parents has lavished material things on their children. But they’ve failed miserably to cultivate their spirituality or point it toward the Enemy.
The notion of benevolent aliens and angels offers them a taste of the transcendent without requiring them to bow knees to the Enemy or come to terms with His nature and demands…

Neopaganism is perfect for this post-naturalist culture. Paganism’s child sacrifice and sordid liaisons with prostitutes had nothing over the forms Moloch and Eros have taken in Western culture today.
Once they stop believing in the Enemy, the vermin don’t believe in nothing, they believe in anything. That’s why atheism doesn’t serve us nearly as well as competing spiritualities. By seeking our New Age substitutes for the Enemy’s faith, they can have the illusion of spiritual enlightenment, without giving up the relativism of their culture.
Worship of a false object not only seduces them, it stops them from searching for the true object.
… Witchcraft has taken off the black cape and put on the white. Witches are lobbying like other special interest groups, cultivating an image as “the pagan next door.” I see on our reading list The Witch Family, which “portrays witchcraft in a positive family setting.” A magnificent sleight of hand.
Hell’s marketing department has reinvented paganism. We’ve given witchcraft a facelift. We’ve become a no-hag main street religion, permeating media, music, and schools! Wicca is our little white lie, drawing in millions of this displaced younger generation…

…The modern Ouija board resides in tens of millions of homes. It was my idea to sell the board’s rights to a respectable company like Parker Brothers. Monopoly, Scrabble, LIFE, Clue and… consulting spirits of darkness. A nice mix of innocent fun, don’t you think? Do you remember when our board outsold Monopoly? We entered 2.5 million new homes in a single year.
Think of the mileage we’ve gotten from The Exorcist. Horrible dreams even among Christians. Seduction toward other books and movies of the kind. Dulled interest in the Enemy. Most of the vermin never realize the book is based on a true story or that the infamous demon possession came about through – what else? – our Ouija board!
When they use the board, they give permission for an unknown spirit to communicate with them. If living in a war zone occupied by Enemy troops, would they open their front door to let in anyone who requested entry? Of course not. Yet that’s exactly what they do in the metaphysical realm. The Ouija board is a powerful door opener.
Commercials for the Ouija board sometimes appear during Saturday morning cartoons. The manufacturer says it’s for those eight years old and above. The younger the better…

… Every day we’re spawning a new genre of magic and witchcraft books for the little tykes. Perfect. It’s like boxing. Lead with the apparently innocent. Lull them in. Then follow with the hard punch, and finally the knockout blow. Think of all the spin-off programs, movies, and products from these books.
Alas, parents won’t overtly sacrifice their children to Moloch. But take heart, Foulgrin. Through what they allow their children’s minds to feed on, they offer them to us as living sacrifices.

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