Thursday, January 8, 2009


To Foulgrin, From Prince Ishbane:

I’m delighted at Brittany’s willingness to sacrifice her child on our altar. Praise Moloch… As long as the baby is an “it,” not a “he” or “she,” we win. Make it “terminating a pregnancy,” never “killing a baby.” It’s all semantics. If a woman wants her baby, everyone recognizes the baby’s real. Kicking inside her. Clearly visible in the ultrasound. “Do you know if the baby’s a boy or a girl?” they’re routinely asked. But if they want to kill the baby, then shut their mouths about such things. Make them pretend.
We’ve exalted the word choice to a sacred mantra. Keep their focus on the grand notion of choice and off the particular choice in question. Ask them if they’re pro-choice and they’ll say yes. Don’t let them ask the obvious: “What choice are you talking about?: Are they pro-choice about rape, kidnapping, gay bashing, racial violence, and assault and battery? Or course not. Are they pro-choice about killing preborn children? Of course, because every choice is good, isn’t it?

To Prince Ishbane, From Lord Foulgrin:

… I confess I’ve been away from video games for a while and didn’t realize how far we’ve advanced them. The realistic touches blur the boundary between fantasy and reality. Guns are carefully modeled after real ones, wounds have a medically accurate appearance, screams and sound effects are real. There’s even the recoil of a heavy rifle. Men learn to fly in flying simulators. Boys learn to kill in killing simulators.
We’ve built a society in which the primary form of play for millions of vermin children consists of killing large numbers of people! These murder simulators are our training tools for future murderers. … Adults would never trust their children to a sociopathic baby-sitter, yet they routinely entrust them to our sociopathic movies, games, and Web sites. You’ve got to love it.“Why are children killing children?” they cry out, as if this were some great mystery. I get such a laugh every time they ask. Millions of adults kill their smallest children every year just because they feel like it. Gee, I wonder where these kids got the idea that killing children is okay?

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