Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Soul Rejoice and Sing

More lyrics today! This is yet another Red Mountain song :)

My Soul Rejoice and Sing

My soul rejoice and sing Thy Father’s glorious praise;
And let His precious love employ thee all thy days;
To save my soul from hell was His eternal will;
And bless His precious name, His purpose to fulfill.

He took the Lord, the great I AM
And as a nail He fastened Him.

When deep calls to deep, and sins like mountains rise,
And the old prince of hell says all the bible is lies,
This nail is fastened in my heart, Nor will it e’er from me depart.

My wicked heart has said again yea, and again,That Christ my soul will leave, to perish in my sin;

But though I feel as cold as clay,He will not, cannot, go away.

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