Thursday, August 28, 2008

The More I Seek You

My dear friend and sister Linds recently sent me a song to check out that she thought I'd like, called "The More I Seek You" by worship leader Kari Jobe. As soon as I heard the song I loved it. Not only is it a beautiful song musically, but it's beautiful lyrically as well. Actually, I think a good word to describe it is "intimate." I know people who live their faith in view of the King/servant image and neglect to live as their King's friend or child. That aspect is lost - and along with it any intimacy is lost also. In fact, some of the words of this song would make some uncomfortable. I wish that everyone could sing this song and mean it with all their heart and know the peace, rest and overwhelming love that is found in Him.
I also want to include Kari's words about "worship." I think that what she has to say about it is so right on. And in response, all I can say is "amen!"

The More I Seek You

The more I seek You,
The more I find You
The more I find You,
The more I love You.

I want to sit at Your feet
Drink from the cup in Your hand,
Lay back against You and breathe.
Hear your heart beat.
This love is so deep
It’s more than I can stand.
I melt in Your peace,
It’s overwhelming.

“When I hear or see the word ‘worship,’ I get flashbacks of my whole life. Worship to me is more than just songs and music, it is a lifestyle. The Greek meaning of worship is ‘worth ship’; you give worship to something when it is worth it. Who is more worthy than God? He is a King, Friend, Lover, Servant, Keeper of hearts, and Saviour of our souls. To me there will never be enough thanks, or words high or deep enough to give to the Lord. I don’t know how to give back to God what He deserves than to just worship with my life and every part of me. My desire in worship is to gaze so deeply into the face of God that I may experience His presence as much as I can here on earth. Then hopefully when I get to heaven, I might recognize His face.”

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